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Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture

      Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Finish Coat Golf Sculpture Bronze Plaque on Entrance Gate Cold Cast Bronze
Bronze Finish Coat Bronze Plaque Cold Cast Bronze
Bronze Finish Coat Bronze Finish Coat Sculpture Bronze Finish Coat Sculpture
Bronze Finish Coat Bronze Finish Coat Bronze Finish Coat

Everyone has their own idea as as to what a real bronze should look like. The truth is that it is mostly a matter of personal taste, as the colors and luster can vary according to the artist, the foundry at which it was made, and the country of manufacture. The amount of tin or copper in the mix also affects the color. It can be difficult to tell a real bronze from a cold cast bronze or a painted bronze. One way to tell is sometimes a real metal bronze will be hollow and ring like a bell when you thump it and a resin will not.

A cold cast bronze is about half the price of a metal bronze, making it much more practical and therefore much more popular. Some purist hate resin bronzes. But real bronze changes from gun metal gray to black if it is not clear coated with -- you guessed it -- PAINT! Now how pure is that? Some might use a wax coating instead if it not in the weather, but it must be re-waxed often or the surface will eventually age and darken. Both real bronzes and cold cast bronzes can be polished to make them shine or to refurbish an oxidized surface.

Cold cast bronze: (real bronze powder cured into a resin base, then polished)
Bronze finish coat: (bronze colored resin with metallic finish coat)

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