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Cracked Fresco Texture

Sculptor Mike Best

Cracked Fresco Walls Faux Painted Textured Walls
Cracked Fresco Walls Faux Painted Textured Walls

Technically this is not a true fresco but a stucco, as it is mixed and applied to the walls as you would a stucco. It is a water based, three-component system that I developed to form deep fissure cracks. Depending how thickly it is applied, cracks begin to form in about 15 minutes and continue to grow bigger and deeper until it is dry to the touch in about an hour. Depending on the humidity, it will be as hard as rock in just a few hours.

It can be applied to painted or primed surfaces such as drywall and no special prep work is necessary. The application shown in the photos is less than a quarter inch thick. It is as durable as drywall and can be treated with faux finishes to strengthen the effect and bring out the true beauty of the texture.

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